Chapter 403

The Astral Gate

“Morning Star Magus?” Leylin looked doubtful as he glanced at his Mentor.

“Yes. Only the massive spiritual force of Morning Star Magi can withstand the consumption as you step over. In addition, many dangers in various worlds are unable to be dealt with by regular Magi. At the very least, you need to be at the Morning Star realm.” Gilbert looked stern.

“With your current spiritual force, with the help of the spell formations and the astral gate, you’ll at most be able to approach a few Magus Worlds and receive a few sections of incomplete information even if you drain all your spiritual force. You may not even be able to obtain all of the information.”

Gilbert shook his head.

“If you really must do this, you could aid me in my experiment regarding projection of coordinates.”

After that, through Gilbert’s explanations, Leylin found out some fundamental information on how to use the astral gate.

This experiment of crossing over to different worlds consumed a lot of energy, and there were rules...

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