Chapter 402

World Of Gods

Being imparted the fourth level of Kemoyin’s pupil meant he had genuinely entered the core ranks of the circle.

Although such meditation techniques needed a matching bloodline, and was useless to an outsider, it was still considered to be very high in value.

Seeing how he was admitted to the clan with sincerity, Leylin was rather shaken, and he too made an oath.

With his current strength, any words that he spoke of would hold its own weight and have a tremendous effective.

Gilbert looked at Leylin deeply, ” Very well! I hope you will engrave in your memory the words you have spoken today!”

“From herein, I shall strive to impart to you everything I know. As for how much you can learn, it will all depend on your diligence and luck…” he added.

“Thank you, Mentor!” Leylin gave a deep respectful bow. He knew that, as a Morning Star Magus and an elder of the clan, Duke Gilbert was very busy everyday. It was most definitely not easy to take time out every day to teach him.

This also meant that Gilbert was optimistic about Leylin’s future. Besides,...

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