Chapter 401

Fourth Grade Meditation Technique

“I will only choose someone I like! Do not provoke me, or else...” Leylin coldly replied, sword drawn, as he immediately pulled Robin away.

At the bottom of his heart, he was actually a little fearful of these two crazy women.

“Pure Giant Kemoyin Serpent poison! Such a powerful Intimidating Gaze! His bloodline is exactly what I need!” Freya muttered to herself and watching Leylin’s back with a steady glint of light in her eyes.

“Haha! What a personality! I like it!“ Miranda was even more excited than Freya.

“Hey. Hey! You saw his ability. Although he isn’t as strong as either of us, he will definitely escape if we try to get him ourselves. I suggest we join hands to deal with him. What do you think?” Miranda moved close to Freya and bit her ears. ”When the time comes, I can let you be first! Of course, if you prefer a threesome, I have no objections…”

“Nonsense!” Freya rolled her eyes and walked straight out.


“Phew…..” Leylin let out a long sigh of relief after leaving...

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