Chapter 400

Female Warlocks

“Don’t worry, I won’t spread this!” Leylin promised immediately, knowing what Robin meant.

“Good! Come, then. I’ll show you your manor and some important places like the trading hall! Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlocks are our most valuable members. You will enjoy the best we have to offer…”

The Ouroboros Clan held quite a bit of fame in the central continent. There was no doubt that they controlled a huge region teeming with mortals and acolytes. Parts of this land would often be granted to the higher-ups within the clan.

Some of the Warlocks in the clan built giant castles in their territory. They preferred to stay there, and seldom visited the headquarters. Slowly, they would expand their families.

On the other hand, most Warlocks who held a high hope for further advancement were the exact opposite, choosing to stay behind at the headquarters, leaving the territory to someone...

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