Chapter 399

Final Technique And Meditation Technique

*Rumble!* Numerous meteors exploded in the horizon, forming a rain of fire.

The strength of each wisp of fire dropping down exceeded a thousand degrees!

*Boom! Boom! Boom!*

It was as if the world was being destroyed. The earth trembled and the skies wailed. Even the sky could not hold on, forming countless spatial cracks that were quickly destroyed as well.

The previous two rank 3 Crystal Phase Magi were unable to finish a sentence before they were broken down into fragments by the flaming meteors. Following that, explosion after explosion wreaked havoc on the land.

The vast area, with the city at the heart of it, turned into a fiery hell.

Many Thorned Hammer Magi could not resist at all under the onslaught of the fire rain. They could only watch on in despair as they were swallowed by the flames. As Blazing Rain Of Extinction covered too large an area, any methods of escape all turned into jokes.

After a wave of the flaming rain fell, the entire Thorned Hammer corps had been exterminated. Besides the city that Kason...

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