Chapter 398

A Morning Star’s Final Technique

“By the way, what’s all that about title and territory?” Leylin asked hurriedly.

“Oh, that? All official Warlocks who join our Ouroboros Clan will obtain a title and a set territory.” Robin began to go into the details and explain it to Leylin, since they were now on the same side.

Through Robin, Leylin then found out that the hierarchy within the Ouroboros Clan was implemented similarly to that of the feudal nobility.

There were five rankings, from the highest to lowest, as a Duke, then a Marquis, Count, Viscount, and then Baron. Rank 1 Warlocks were Barons, rank 2 were Viscounts, rank 3 were Earls. Then came the surprise- if Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlocks reached rank 3, they would immediately gain the title of Marquis! This made Leylin aware that discrimination came everywhere. It was lucky he was in the privileged class, rather than the one discriminated against. Rank 4 Warlocks would then be Dukes.

The position and treatment he would...

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