Chapter 397

Rank 4 Warlock

Following Robin, he passed by various bizarre buildings with strange styles. There were all types out there, and before Leylin had the time to identify them, he was led by Robin into another building.

After passing around a corner, there came across another Warlock in black gilded clothing.

There were also rings of mysterious black patterns on his face.

“Johnny!” Kubler, who had been following behind Leylin immediately clenched his fists, seemingly terrified as he hid in Leylin’s shadow.

“Greetings to Marquis Robin!” Johnny came before Robin, and then greeted him using the etiquette of nobility.

“It’s Count Johnny! Here, let me introduce to you Leylin here! He’s a rank 3 Warlock about to join our clan!” Robin smiled slightly.

“So it’s Lord Leylin!” Johnny bowed, “Though it’s the first time we’re meeting, I have a request. I wonder if you could agree to it.”

“If it’s about Kubler, I’m afraid I can’t agree.” Leylin immediately answered.

“That’s a real shame,” Johnny answered indifferently,...

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