Chapter 396

Phosphorescence Swamp

“Jessia, What are you doing? Get back here now!”

Flames blazed in Nolan‘s eyes when he saw Jessia holding on to Leylin’s arms shamelessly with her breast almost pushed towards him.

The rank 2 Magus on the other side immediately stepped up and delivered a hard slap to the back of Nolan’s head, causing him to bend forward.

Droplets of cold sweat were trickling down his forehead.

It was obvious that what had happened today was all a misunderstanding. The crucial point was, they were lacking in ability when compared to the opposing side

Moreover, any slight mishandling of the situation would enrage a rank 3 Magus, and on top of that worsen their relationship with the Ouroboros Clan. At this point, thoughts of death crossed his mind.

“Anyway, it is just a small misunderstanding! Forget it!“ Leylin replied indifferently.

Before the rank 2 Magus could reply, Leylin's ice cold voice was transmitted to him, "This is the price for offending me!"

*Bang! Bang! Bang!*


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