Chapter 395

A Scene

“I would like to walk around for a while, you may leave here!”

Leylin saw a hint of disappointment in Jessia’s eyes after he told her that, and Nolan heaved a sigh of relief.

He chuckled as he turned around and raised his hand and disappeared among the stream of people, with Kubler immediately following.

With his astonishing senses, Leylin faintly heard two people behind him arguing in constrained voices.

“This is really….” Leylin shook his head, “Instead of focusing your limited energy on pursuing the truth, you focus on such things...”

“But I suppose this is probably a commoner’s pleasure right!”

He nodded his head after shaking it, called out to Kubler and continued his journey.

“After entering the Black River Domain, the Ouroboros Clan Headquarters—Phosphorescence Swamp will be very near…” Kubler was naturally very familiar with this place and had a tinge of both fear and longing.

After hiring a horse chariot, both...

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