Chapter 394


“This is the crest of the Rolithe Family!” Kubler took a quick glance and concluded.

He knew that his master was not of the central continent and knew nothing about this matter. He went on to explain, “The Rolithe Family is a rather famous Magus Family in the Black River region. It’s said that there’s a rank 3 Magus in charge there!”

“A rank 3 Magus? What stage is he at?” Leylin asked on.

Rank 3 was a period where one prepared to become a rank 4 Morning Star Magus. It took a long time and was extremely difficult to cross. Within it, there were a few smaller stages, and each stage meant a large difference in strength for Magi.

For instance, a rank 3 Magus at the Vapour Phase was definitely capable of suppressing a few Magi who had yet to reach that stage.

“All information regarding the strongest Magi is confidential. We subordinates know very little about it…” A look of shame appeared on Kubler’s face.

“But that Magus Rolithe once won against a rank 3 Vapour...

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