Chapter 393

Airship Network

“Hmm!” Leylin nodded his head inattentively.

“I see many Magi here!” He pointed to the outside.

A Magus who was dressed like a wandering poet was playing a pipe organ. A group of residents was watching and cheering him on.

“Yes! Over here, official Magi often mingle amongst the commoners and the residents know them very well too…” Kubler explained to Leylin. “In the central continent, the Magi and nobility communicate in the Byron language. Hence, my Lord, you do not need to worry about a language barrier. In fact, here are some materials about the central continent and a few variants of maps as well as information about communication. “

Kubler respectfully handed over a crystal ball filled with information to Leylin.

For a Magus to learn the Byron language was compulsory. Thus, Leylin and Kubler could communicate the moment they met. They could understand each other immediately.

Leylin helped himself to a scoop of dessert.

A rich, fragrant, and sweet flavour excited his taste buds, “Nice delicate...

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