Chapter 392

The Central Continent

Magma roiled around like water in a rough sea, emitting heat waves that swept across, a hint of the incredible power beneath.

A sheet of golden liquid lay at its center, as if a lake within the lake. However, this magnificent sheet could stop Magi in their steps.

Above the lava lay a giant passage, tiny voices sounding from it now and then. The rock around this passage was very hard, and no one knew where it led.

*Swish!* A silhouette appeared on the shores of the lake. The light dispersed to show a very young Magus, his long black hair tied up casually and his skin fine and smooth. His handsome face was filled with the dignity of a ruler.

This was naturally Leylin, but his robe was currently a little dusty. The hurried round trip had drained him.

“My Lord!” a middle-aged Magus with bronze skin saluted.


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