Chapter 391

Planning For The Afterlife

“No, don’t worry! I have better plans!”

Leylin smiled faintly: “Furthermore, I still have some things to settle here….”

Kubler's heart was too full of worry. He wondered whether his Lord was going to wait a hundred years for the next cycle.

Mankestre Bloodline Warlocks like him did not have a long lifespan. He could, at most, last two or three hundred years. A hundred years was, to him, a significant portion of his lifespan!

But… Kubler looked at the man whom he now served. As a vassal, the Lord has the last say, so what more could he do than laugh bitterly?

“I’ll be heading out for a while. Stay here and monitor the lava flow data, and contact me periodically using our secret imprints. In the meanwhile, use the special rocks here to make one of these. All you have to do is follow this blueprint!”

A fluorescent blue light flashed in Leylin’s eyes. It took him but a moment to form a design and imprint it into a crystal ball.

Kubler’s face changed slightly as he received it, and he respectfully lowered his head. “Yes,...

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