Chapter 389

Central Continent

Kubler claimed to be a Magus from the central continent.

The hometown of the great Magus Serholm, the core of the entire Magus world, The sacred land of Magi—the central continent!

As for why Kubler was at this place, Leylin could not care less. On the contrary, he was very interested in the route Kubler had taken to get here.

If they were to walk this path in the opposite direction, would they be able to successfully reach the central continent? Leylin spoke the question in his mind,

Kubler’s face showed a moment of hesitation before he respectfully divulged the truth, ”In actual fact, the surface right above this subterranean world is the central continent! I learnt of the exact spot where the lava erupts from a research manual passed down through my family. After calculating the weaker points in the lava, I followed the pathway to arrive at this place.

Having heard Kubler’s account, Leylin more or less understood the procedure of his entrance.

On the whole,...

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