Chapter 388

Mankestre Bloodline Warlock

The emblem was rather small, the back being a bronze base.

After seeing the symbol on the front, Leylin’s pupils suddenly shrunk.

It was a giant black serpent formed from numerous runes, holding its tail in its mouth and forming a strange circular imprint.

“That symbol! I’ve seen it before in the Dylan Gardens!” Leylin obviously would not have forgotten this. The memory was still fresh in his mind.

When he was in the Dylan Gardens, there was a large oil painting of this black snake holding its tail in its mouth in Great Magus Serholm’s inheritance. Behind that oil painting had been where Leylin had obtained Kemoyin’s Pupil.

This symbol could be said to mark the beginning of Leylin’s path as a Warlock!

“Him being a Warlock, the resonance of our bloodlines, and the symbol!” Leylin weighed the emblem in his palm, “Looks like he was what the Coin of Destiny was leading me towards.”

“What? Reynold, you know him?” Old Pharen asked.

“No, but I need to...

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