Chapter 387

Discovery of A Warlock

Celine watched Leylin who was bathing in the light from the sun stones, seemingly intoxicated by the sight.

Leylin still retained his handsome young appearance, as if the passing of time did not leave any traces on him. He, who was glimmering with golden rays, seemed to be a war god wrapped in golden robes.

It was this young man who had already reached the apex in Twilight Zone, having seized immense authority that nobody could even imagine of possessing!

“How are the results of the experiment?” Celine asked.

“Quite alright!” Though there was a smile on his face, it seemed slightly dark, and Celine tactfully did not ask further.

Leylin’s hand groped around her body, but his thoughts were someplace else.

Through supplements from numerous high-grade meditation technique, the A.I. Chip’s meditation technique databank was becoming even more complete, and it had even simulated the fourth level of Kemoyin’s Pupil!

However, Leylin was still slightly worried. He planned on searching...

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