Chapter 386

Radiant Guardian

“It’s still a no.” Leylin kept the Coin of Destiny, feeling slightly crestfallen.

The Coin of Destiny had been cast rather crudely. Due to the involvement of Morning Star Magi, it was already damaged, and if it got worse, Leylin truly had no idea where else he would find a child of destiny to offer as a sacrifice.

Though he could make prophecies the way he had used Aaron, they had no way to make predictions regarding higher-ranked existences, and the risks in that were too huge.

Humans were creatures full of possibilities. If the Magi that Leylin had chosen managed to advance till they were on the same level as Leylin and managed to prophesize his actions, there would be no way Leylin could benefit from it

Leylin would rather use these dead creatures. Though they were troublesome, they were convenient and very safe! That was what he prioritised.

“Even I with my rank 3 strength will meet with dangers that cannot be measured in the Icy World. Looks like that’s still a place that I can’t peek into.” Leylin was clear on his situation....

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