Chapter 384

Guardian of the Realm

After Leylin’s progression to rank 3 and the defeat of the dark elves, all the dissent and secret plots in the central region quieted down as if they had never existed.

As a newly promoted rank 3 Magus full of vitality, one who wasn’t struggling to even protect the realm, Leylin could easily find the time to destroy those guilds that did not subject themselves to his rule. He was poised to control Twilight Zone for centuries to come.

Faced with the pressure from such great power, no matter how unwilling the Magi in the central region were, they dared not offend him.

At this moment, the few survivors from other guilds appeared, diminishing all talk against Leylin.

They were all elite Magi from different guilds, and a few rank 2 judges were also among them. They joined together to testify that what Leylin had said before was the truth, which waived all doubts immediately.

They were all Leylin’s captives at that time. Those rank 2 Magi had long since submitted to Leylin. They were not fools. Knowing Leylin’s power and...

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