Chapter 383

A Fallen Empress

The human camp was more complicated.

Many Magi, acolytes and even common soldiers had been gathered together like a mixed flock of birds.

It had turned out this way due to the lack of core leadership. The deaths of the Guardian of the Realm and the Protectors had left them without a stable chain of command. Hence, many problems arose, not the least of which was disputes in command. Many ambitious parties were working from the shadows, plotting their own schemes.

“Oh? People are gossiping about me?” Back at his own camp, Leylin was updated with the latest report, and his face revealed a mysterious sinister smile.

“Don’t bother with them. These rumours will be deemed baseless soon enough!” Leylin waved his hand and flashed a faint smile.

Suddenly his face changed as he looked towards the northern skies, “She’s here!”

A tiny black speck suddenly rose from the northern skies, bringing a huge and irresistible power to bear upon the two armies.

“Your Majesty.” Numerous elite Underground...

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