Chapter 382


“It was mainly to attain the power of destiny. The Meteor Sword was just something that came along with it. Besides, it’s not even complete!” Leylin was in a good mood as he explained the details to Baelin.

Soon after, a great number of alchemy ingredients appeared before him. Brilliant rays of light started seeping into the sword and making it shine brighter.

“The truth is, the Meteor Sword was designed by and customised for me, and it is missing the most important step!” Leylin drew the sword and held it up, his eyes glistening with excitement.

“Toxic Bile!“

The terrifying image of a devil king started to manifest behind him. But this time round, the Toxic Bile was concentrated on the Meteor Sword instead of a large-scale attack.

Menacing, deathly strands of black crawled onto the sword and the once-bright silver glow started to dim before turning a glistening coal-black.

This was the original intention of Leylin to forge the weapon.

The scope of the attack by the Toxic Bile was too large. Leylin thus...

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