Chapter 381

Coin Of Destiny

“Darkness? What darkness? Hasn’t Longbottom’s scheme been thwarted?” Baelin was doubtful, but he no longer had the time to think. He scooped Aaron up in a hurry, preparing to treat him.

Strands of green rays emerged from Baelin’s fingers, and merged with the horrifying wound on Aaron’s body, helping him stop the bleeding and mending his tissues.

“Aaron, Aaron! Are you alright? Hang in there!” Baelin constantly cried out, large amounts of tears spilling from his eyes.

“Longbottom! Lord Longbottom is dead!” At this time, in the middle of the competition venue, the revolutionary army and dark elves who had just lost their leader all fell into a state of chaos.

*Cough Cough!* Aaron coughed violently and opened his eyes. “I… I’m still alive?”

“Of course, you’re my prophet. How can you die without my permission?” Baelin covertly brushed away his tears and laughed.

”Oh no!” Aaron suddenly started to struggle.

”What’s happening?”...

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