Chapter 380


“Don’t be silly!” Vinas laughed weakly as she reached out and caressed Aaron’s face.

“Sacrificing me, a single person, will allow you to save the entirety of Twilight Zone, what’s there to hesitate?”

At the present moment, although her lips have gone pale and chapped from the loss of blood, her face remains full of radiance and it hurt Aaron to see her like this.

“No! You’re doing this for me! You’re doing this for me!”

Advancing to the second rank did not ensure that he could match up to Longbottom, but it would at least greatly increase his chances of escape.

Aaron wept, tears flowing down his face uncontrollably.

Vinas laughed, her tone full of gratification “This impermanent fate! We were destined to be enemies, yet we fell in love… with each… other”

*Bang!* Vinas’ palm fell listlessly.

Shortly after, a strong current of concentration, along with a warm and gentle scent, was injected into Aaron’s consciousness.

Sacred Flame started to revolve quickly, causing Aaron’s aura to rise sharply, and he broke through...

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