Chapter 379

Fury Overflowing Through The Heavens

“All obstructions are futile! The dark elves will rule over Twilight Zone from today!” Anya mumbled, and a dark grey shadow extended from her back over the area.

Within the dark grey world, the plants and animals were drained of their lives, turning to ashes at a surprising pace.

“Wilting Domain!” Anya shouted in a low voice, and within the domain, a circle of grey light exploded from the bodies of the Underground Winter Spider knights, allowing them to be even bolder and fiercer.

As for the enemies that had been affected by the domain, they soon found their bodies aging and their life force disappearing.

“A false domain! Anya, from beginning to end, you’ve always been ahead of me.”

The protector who looked like a middle-aged man sighed, and then shot out large amounts of gold light that were like a giant sun.

The two domains collided against each other, and the air seemed to shatter, causing tremendous spatial distortions and then exploding.

On the ground, the Magi used the trenches as...

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