Chapter 378

Channelling Of Lifeforce

“These aren’t just the people of the revolutionary army!” Baelin stared at the many black-robed Magi and his expression darkened.

“Haha… Of course!” At this moment, Longbottom had no more qualms. “The matriarchs of the dark elves have already infiltrated this area. Not long after, blood will flow, and the dark elves will rule the subterranean world!”

Longbottom’s face was slightly flushed.

“You lunatic!” Baelin roared, and charged at Longbottom.

“Life Absorption!”

Longbottom shouted, and a large phantom image of a spider appeared behind him.

Compared to the last few times, the image had become even larger and even held a terrifying aura. From the eyes of the spider, a very human light could be seen, as if it now held an intelligence of its own and had now become alive.

“Aru!” Baelin whistled for a while, and a gold phantom darted out from within a small crack amongst the spectators and dropped to the ground. Its figure suddenly increased in size, and in the blink of an eye, it was two...

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