Chapter 377

The Conspiracy Unravelling

”Ripple of corrosion!”

A green circular ripple immediately appeared before Longbottom, and shook continuously, as if it was trying to push Baelin out.

However, Baelin’s face remained composed, and from his blade large amounts of vertical eye phantoms appeared.

”Bio Boosting armour and sword!”

The sword with the vertical eye phantom gave off rays of flames, and evaporated all the green ripples. With indomitable strength, it directly targeted Longbottom’s right chest.

Blood flowed through the corner of Longbottom’s mouth, and a long wound opened up on his chest. He flew through the air, and landed on the ground, giving rise to a long trail of blood.

*Boom!* The many soil layers behind him had piled up into a small mountain, and had finally offset the inertia in Longbottom’s body, which had caused him to be unable to stop.

”You lost!” Baelin landed calmly in front of Longbottom, his emotions complex. There was no visible hint of joy or victory in his expression.

”I lost!” Immediately, Longbottom’s face registered...

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