Chapter 376

A Clash Of Destiny

“These three are definitely high-level artifacts, to the extent that they can be combined to make a magical weapon!” The Rank 2 Magus sitting beside Leylin guessed.

“I think so too!” Leylin smiled and nodded, his gaze secretly heating up.

In the center of the secret territory, three silhouettes continuously collided fiercely, and the glowing radiance emitted by the magical artifacts in their hands destroyed the meadow around them until it was unrecognisable.


Aaron and Vinas looked at each other and exerted their spiritual force to its extreme so that the silver sword flew towards Ernis.

“Battle Chain!” At that moment, a different expression flashed across Ernis’ face and a black chain covered in black runes flew out from his chest, covering Aaron and Vinas.

“You really thought I was so foolish, eh? One person against the two of you?”

Upon seeing the chain, Ernis finally had a smile on his face, indicating that he had achieved what he had wanted.

“This is the secret weapon of the Haylin Guild. It can bind two semi-elemental Magi for at least...

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