Chapter 375

Teaming Up

Leylin turned his attention to another screen.

In the sky above a verdant forest, Longbottom, disguised as Green-robed Carl, had run into Haylon.

These were two favoured dark horses had a large possibility of gaining victory. This immediately attracted attention.

Many contestants had already been eliminated in a short period of time. With fewer participants remaining, the remaining screens had increased in size.


Within the secret plane.

“Green-robed Carl?” Haylon glanced at the strange youngster in front of him.

“I’d originally wanted to skip the trouble of defeating you guys one by one, and had decided to wait to make a move and harvest a large number of points at once, but forget it. I’ll make an exception for you and take your point right away.”

Longbottom looked at Haylon in front of him, a sinister smile on his face. Now that he was getting closer to the goal, he did not have to disguise himself so carefully. His opponent’s identity as a genius made Longbottom, who...

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