Chapter 374


Although the host talked about potential dangers in the finals, nobody drew back.

The world of magicians was no paradise. Those who managed to survive this rat race had seen blood time after time again, and were well prepared for such a situation.

The generous rewards that the large-scale guilds offered and the chance to become the inheritor of a rank 2 Magus had convinced them to bet their lives on this competition.

“Good! Since nobody’s backing down, let the finals begin!” The host waved his hands.

*Peng! Peng! Peng!* Three giant fireworks flew across the sky like colorful comets, and the music reached fever-pitch.

*Buzz!* Purple energy condensed into the spell formation, constantly increasing its strength until a hole was ripped open in space.

The finalists stepped forward one after the other, receiving their amulets and spell formations...

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