Chapter 373

Finals In The Secret Plane

“He actually used up all his spiritual force and formed a corrosive attack able to cover the entire area of the stage!”

The old Magus beside Leylin was astonished as he touched his beard, “Looks like Carl has improved quite a bit! It’s a pity that with this method, too much spiritual force is consumed. He’s destined not to succeed in the next selection battle!”

“That might not be so,” Leylin laughed and pointed in a direction, “Look!”

“Oh?” This rank 2 Magus looked in that direction and laughed, “He actually used a precious spiritual force restoring potion? Such a thing could save his life at a crucial moment!”

In a corner, Longbottom’s hands trembled and he almost flung out his potion bottles.

“Again! Again!” His expression darkened.

Leylin snickered in his heart. His own gaze was now at a stage where Longbottom could not discover it, so he constantly directed the attention of the rank 2 Magi beside him to the fellow, causing him a lot of stress.


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