Chapter 372

Fire Scorpion

Luckily for Leylin and the other judges, they were rank 2 Magi and had a very high status. Even if they were discontent, the audience did not dare show this on their faces, and instead placed their attention on the competition going on.

Leylin’s eyes brightened at this moment.

Following his gaze, there appeared a person he was interested in on an elevated stage at the southeast corner.

“Arena 34, the fifth round of the selection! Here are participant numbers 273 and 35!” The announcer was a peak rank 1 Magus dressed in formal Magus attire, his hair perfectly combed.

Almost at the very moment his words ended, a line of fire flashed, and a beautiful woman with a great body arrived at the centre of the stage.

This female Magus had voluptuous, sexy curves and had intentionally worn tight clothing, her chest bursting out of the seams of her clothes. However, she looked a little young, as if she had yet to be of age.

This angelic appearance and devilish, arousing body immediately garnered the interest...

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