Chapter 371

The Competition Commences

The competition was to be held on the Walker Plains in the central region.

This place was close to the central city, so a few large-scaled guilds had branches nearby that could send out resources and personnel if anything unexpected came up.

The miraculous abilities of Magi ensured that it took but a few months to transform the heart of the Walker Plains into a vast field.

Before the competition started, a few Magi had arrived earlier to settle down and do business. Thus, a few fairs had sprung up on the outskirts. Many fairs merged together, forming a rudimentary Magus city.

If this competition could be pulled off without a hitch, given the war council’s plan to make it a regular affair, the place could really become a new Magus city, even surpassing the cities of the other four regions.


Waves of Magi surged in from all over the place and filled the area.

Seeing such a bustling scene, Baelin took a deep breath and pulled off his cloak, and then hastened as...

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