Chapter 370

Response and Countermeasure

The dark elves were rather quiet in this period of time.

Although they had managed to take over the north, navigating through territorial disputes with the dwarves and gnomes consumed most of their energy.

Hence, although central Twilight Zone was under immense pressure, the situation seeming dire, all they had to deal with till now were a few scouts and wandering riders.

Balanced on this razor's edge, the central region had still remained peaceful. The preparations for the competition even made it seem like it was flourishing. As more and more Magi rushed over, it had gained fresh blood and increased strength.

After seeing this, Leylin suspected this was another intention of the war council. They wanted to attract more Magi over to increase their fighting strength


In a shady swamp.

A toxic purple fog permeated the place, the rotten sludge concealing the bones of various darkness beasts. Occasionally,...

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