Chapter 367

Clone Seed

Ernis looked defeated. “So I’m definitely going to die?”

Merlin sneered in his mind. “Not necessarily! Longbottom is a child of destiny, and is not one to fall so easily. Besides, do you think the matriarch backing him doesn’t have any contingency plans?”

“You dare offend me, a respected rank 2 Magus? You will pay for this humiliation in blood!”Rosby declared grimly, and a line of spiritual force converged that was tinged silver.

The rank 2 Magus had even been slightly frightened. If he hadn’t possessed a technique that could temporarily suppress his weakness, he could have died just then.

A rank 2 Magus dying at the hands of a group of rank 1 Magi would be the biggest joke in Twilight Zone’s history!

Rosby felt like a robust adult who had been bitten by an ant. The humiliation irked him to his soul.

This secret technique was not without cost. His period of vulnerability would be extended, and in the times of war, this could have...

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