Chapter 366


The field had been partitioned, with a large mill occupying the center.

Not far away, there was a small farm and a stone castle. However, it was very small and lacked a moat.

At a glance, it looked to be the territory of a small aristocratic family.

In a shadow, Ernis had respectfully lowered his head and was reporting to Longbottom. “My lord, I can confirm that this is a secret stronghold of the Green Water Gardens guild. The Great Magus Rosby who is in his down period is hiding here.”

“En! This is their nest, and there should be many defensive spell formations. Since they’re a rank 2 Magus, even if they were weakened temporarily, they cannot be compared to an ordinary peak rank 1 Magus!” Longbottom muttered to himself, and then glanced at his subordinates.

Those following him were all official Magi, but few were even semi-converted. He could unearth their potentials, but what he needed was time.

He had brought them along now as a declaration...

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