Chapter 365

Life Absorption

Leylin was actually full of praise for the last guinea pig.

To be able to overcome the pressure to help their own race, and to disregard the norms and side with the enemy race, that required courage and decisiveness that not many possessed.

“It’s a pity that since all the information you get is transparent to me, it’s useless no matter what you do.” Leylin sighed, eyes flashing with a dangerous light.

“My lord!” At this moment, a Magus’ voice sounded outside.

“Come in!”

“Yes!” The fabric for the tent was pushed aside, and a kindly old geezer entered. This was Iren, the peak rank 1 Magus Leylin had forced into his service.

He had many plans for the central region, and had naturally brought his strongest helpers to put them into practice.

“The inconveniences around Ardent Gale Lake have been taken care of. We can move in at any time,” Iren respectfully lowered his head, reporting to Leylin.

Though the central...

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