Chapter 364


“Hm, that is indeed a good idea! But…” Baelin had nodded, but then felt a little guilty.

He had only left behind a letter when he took Jenny away, not even wishing the man goodbye. It was slightly irrational, and even ungrateful.

This had always been a thorn in his heart. However, he had been impulsive as a teenager, and his worry for Jenny’s safety had led him to go through with what he had done.

He had planned to wait until things got better and he managed to make something of himself. He would return as a successful man with a reputation. If he then begged for Leylin’s apology, he believed he would be forgiven.

“Lord Leylin might even make an exception and acknowledge me as his disciple!” Baelin occasionally dreamed of such.

However, the timing was still not right. He was a poor, penniless youngster who was even being chased by the dark elves. If he were to head over now, he would even need to rely on Leylin for help.

Blood rushed to Baelin’s...

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