Chapter 363

Infiltration Into The Central Region

Aaron stood in a spot alone, and no Magi bothered him.

This was his second time experiencing a feeling of loss. The first time? Naturally, it was when his spiritual aptitude had deteriorated, and his engagement was broken off.

Aaron held onto the black ring in his hands tightly. That was the gloomiest moment of his life, but thankfully he found this!

“Grandpa Merlin? When do you reckon I will reach the level of Master Leylin?” Aaron silently asked in his heart.

It had never occurred to him to use his connections. In Dolon City, he was but a small acolyte, whereas Leylin was a powerful rank 2 Magus. The latter would surely not remember him!

“Relax, isn’t it just rank 2?” Merlin had inherited Leylin’s twisted sense of humour. It whispered into Aaron’s mind: “As long as you can find the two children of destiny, and trigger the river of destiny, your cultivation in Sacred Flame will increase exponentially. Advancing to rank 2 or 3 will be a simple task!”

“In that case, I have to increase my speed!” Aaron clenched...

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