Chapter 360

Invitation From The Central Region

The war had ended. Leylin, who had returned from the battlefield, was now leisurely drinking some coffee.

With a thought, he accepted the scenes that the A.I. Chip transmitted to him.

“Baelin truly is Twilight Zone’s child of destiny, but Longbottom is really surprising me…” Leylin stroked his chin, watching Longbottom who was currently spouting resentment.

“Using a revolution to cobble together an army, gathering wandering Magi who are unsatisfied with the rule of the guilds, and passing high-grade meditation techniques to common acolytes? Ingenious!” Even he had to appreciate Longbottom’s methods.

The Magus World had never been a fair place, but the immense strength of Magi had meant that nobody could overthrow them.

To cause trouble in the Magus World, it was necessary to incite disharmony within their ranks. It looked like Longbottom was doing well. He was even bringing about a revolution!

“Perhaps this happened in the south coast’s past as well, causing the power of guilds to wane and...

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