Chapter 359

Death And Insanity

“Hm?” At this moment, Fendix and the dark elven matriarch looked toward the side.

“Fendix, I’m here to help!” Leylin closed in rapidly, his clothes rustling in the strong wind.

“Umbra’s Hand!”

Large numbers of shadows emerged from behind him, and transformed into what looked like a giant hand which obstructed the matriarch.

“What’s your situation? How much magic power do you have left?” Leylin glanced at Fendix, who was already slightly pale.

“Half, and I can release one more formidable spell. How about you?” Upon seeing Leylin’s arrival, Fendix heaved a huge sigh of relief.

“I’ve already sent that matriarch away. All that’s left is her,” Leylin pointed at the matriarch across them, “I remember you still have a powerful offensive spell—Violent Thunder Chains, right? I’ll keep her occupied. Quick, go and prepare it!”

“Alright!” Fendix gritted his teeth.

Though he had seen through Leylin’s intentions, this matriarch was his arch-enemy! In the past, Duke Fendix, the army’s commander...

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