Chapter 358

Defeat And Assistance

Anyone who betrayed their community for profit would immediately be labelled as unreliable. How, then, would they do well in the opposing camp?

Furthermore, Leylin was confident in the humans’ ability to defend. Even if the protector of the eastern Twilight Zone were to perish, and the entirety of it fell into enemy hands, he still believed the humans in the subterranean world were not weak enough to go extinct.

As a result, matriarch Alicia’s temptations did not affect Leylin in the slightest.

On the contrary, Leylin was eager to fight this rank 2 matriarch.

“Perfect. The template of a rank 2 Magus, as well as the rank 2 spell models the A.I. Chip deduced, can now be tested.”

Leylin’s eyes flashed, which caused Alicia who was opposite him to feel cold within her heart. She had a bad premonition.

But Leylin would not give the other party a chance, and he swiftly made the first move. ”Shadow Flames!” Dark red flames poured into the sky, forming a pillar of raging...

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