Chapter 357


Similar events occurred all along the city walls. Even the Underground Winter Spiders weren’t spared. Their eight legs crumbled down and their eyes dimmed, following which they were overrun by stampeding troops...

This frightening effectiveness in battle managed to surprise even Fendix who was hovering in the air. “This toxin is truly very strong! If we manage to produce it in large quantities...”

His eyes beamed with excitement.

“It isn’t as simple as you’d think!” Leylin smiled bitterly, “I specifically concocted this using plant concentrate based on the anatomy of dark elves. On its own, it isn’t a toxin, which is why it can pass through their defensive runes. Once it enters their bodies and begins circulation, it begins to react with their endocrine system. In a matter of moments, the benign gas transforms into neural poison.

“This is just a petty trick that makes use of a gap in their defenses. Once this battle ends, the dark elves...

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