Chapter 356

Red Mist

Emergency sirens were blaring throughout Dolon City.

Leylin, Fendix, and the others floated across to the front of the city, watching the scene outside.

Ten years where life and resources were constantly lost had visibly reduced the numbers of the horde of darkness creatures. The newest reports suggested that the beast emperors had already made plans to withdraw their troops and end the war.

If not for the fall of the north and interference of the dwarves and gnomes, the war was on track to end in a few years. The current situation was different, however. The humans of the subterranean world were now facing the possibility of extinction.

“Underground Winter Spider knights! And they’re elites!”

Leylin looked up. Three regiments of Underground Winter Spider knights

Huge spider legs trod the ground silently, their dark elf riders wreathed in exquisite thin armor that looked ornamental. The surface of the armors was composed of intricate patterns....

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