Chapter 355


“The core of the spirit genie!” Longbottom sighed slightly, unhesitatingly releasing a shockwave to destroy the spell formation.

*Tss tss…* Instantly, the spirit genie’s voice faded, and Potti City immediately grew chaotic.


As if long since prepared, the opposing dark elves and beast wave unleashed their most ferocious barrage of attacks.

While the Magi were engrossed in battle, the defensive spell formation that had lost its spirit genie sputtered out.

“What are you doing?” Two Magi immediately rushed out.

“Life Absorption!” Longbottom’s expression remained unchanged as he waved his hands. A few green beams flashed on the two, and they began to age visibly. Their life force was rapidly depleting.

“Begin localization!” Longbottom took a glance at Yade, who was still sealed, and produced some materials and began setting something up.


Minutes later, with the guidance of a spell formation that glowed purple, eight large spider legs pierced through, tearing the ceiling apart....

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