Chapter 354

Longbottom Strikes

In the many scattered images, there was also a figure that Leylin was extremely familiar with.

“Baelin?” A smile crept upon his lips.


“Are you sure it’s here?” Baelin asked, swallowing hard. The pitch-black hole in front of him seemed like the mouth of some weird creature. The aura on his body rose rapidly, nearly exceeding the limits of a regular human.

“We dark elves get all our Underground Winter Spiders from this hallowed place. It is where the Underground Winter Spider Emperor lives. Do you really think I’d risk my life to bring you here if I wasn’t sure?” Memphis rolled his eyes.

“As long as you can kill or dominate it, the Underground Winter Spider knights would immediately fall apart, and this war might just end,” he said with a sigh.

“How powerful is that Underground Winter Spider Emperor?” Baelin felt uncomfortable looking at the hole as if he had been laid bare before someone’s eyes.

“At least rank 2!” Memphis...

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