Chapter 353

Giant Serpent’s Breath Potion

Ten years was a long time.

In this period, besides training in his meditation technique, Leylin constantly absorbed more information regarding Twilight Zone to supplement his A.I. Chip’s database.

Given that he was already a rank 2 Magus, he was respected everywhere. To his benefit, most guilds simply gave up all the information they had to him.

In addition, he’d exchanged his contribution points for large amounts of the best research in Twilight Zone. This new research synergized perfectly with the data he had already stored from the south coast.

“A.I. Chip! Begin experimentation on brewing the “Giant Serpent’s Breath” Potion!” Leylin’s eyes flashed as he commanded. Immediately after, with a pat of his spatial pouch, all sorts of ingredients filled the table.

The Giant Serpent’s Breath Potion was an unexpected gain from the storage of a small-scale guild in Twilight Zone.

It was originally an incomplete recipe for an ancient spiritual force potion. It...

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