Chapter 351


Upon hearing that, Leylin turned silent.

History showed that, when both sides in a war had equal military strength at all levels, this was indeed the largest possibility.

With the lifespan of the protector of Twilight Zone being at an end, they were actually at a disadvantage. Although the entire race wouldn’t be exterminated, the humans would lose large amounts of their territory.

“Our strategy this time is to rely on using the three cities to defend. Every city has three rank 2 Magi stationed there, as well as a large army. The protector of the east is on standby, ready to reinforce any of the cities as required!”

Leylin stroked his chin. “The bloodbath here will truly be terrifying....”

“Hoo.. Hoo….”

As if tired of waiting, many darkness creatures started an uproar as they charged towards the city’s walls.

Ten thousand horses charged on the field, causing the ground to tremble a little.

Fendix’s face remained unchanged and he used a secret imprint to pass a message. “Engage the first layer of defense!”


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