Chapter 350



Space seemed to freeze for a moment, but then it seemed like nothing had happened.

The black spider totems began began to dissipate slowly, and Anya’s voice sounded out, “You’ve grown old already”

*Bang!* The black imprints dissolved into light. There were fewer stalks on his back now, and milky white sap flowed out of his injuries.

When the old man raised his head once again, he seemed older; patches of grey had begun to appear on his skin.

“Has this body’s vitality been taxed to its limit?” The old man looked at the spots on his body,and couldn’t help but laugh bitterly his eyes dull and lifeless.

“Time...” the old man said with a long sigh that instantly swept away the rays of light. The cave turned dark once more.


Aaron had returned to his room.

The last rays of twilight revealed a mix of rotting wooden boards and moldy corners. This stinky room was the ‘luxury’ he was awarded sole residence in. This dilapidated room showed how much he was ...

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