Chapter 349


With the drop in his aptitude, he turned from an acolyte with a bit of hope into a good-for-nothing.

After seeing Aaron’s state, his mentor did not beat around the bush, telling him directly that he no longer had the qualifications to train in a high-grade meditation technique.

Some high-grade meditation techniques had stringent requirements for those cultivating them, and currently, Aaron did not qualify to cultivate his.

“It’s much more difficult to advance to an official Magus using the simplified version of the high-grade meditation technique. Doesn’t this amount to completely giving up on me? And then there’s her...” Aaron lowered his head, fingernails digging into flesh.

After finding out that his aptitude had lowered and that he could not train in the high-grade meditation technique anymore, his relatives and former friends had shunned him. Even his fiancee had abandoned him!

The memory of her firmly leaning into another’s embrace as she looked at Aaron in disdain left him feeling like his chest would burst into f...

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