Chapter 348


In a short span of three years, Nature’s Alliance had cemented its status as a medium-scale guild. After absorbing Dense Fog Forest’s remains, it had even managed to become a peak medium-scale guild! All of these achievements had been largely attributed to Leylin’s contributions, a fact that went undisputed.

Even if he did nothing personally, the mere presence of a rank 2 Magus would eliminate most of the Alliance's troubles.

Hence, the faith that he commanded from members of Nature’s Alliance had been increasing day by day up to a point of reverence, even deification.

Additionally, a lot of Magi had joined during this period of large-scale recruitment. Although Celine’s strength as a rank 1 Magus afforded her some bit of status, there was no longer any influences that she could have.

This meant that even if Leylin intended to take away her nominal position as the guild leader, he needed but to ask.

Passing through layers of glowing spell formations, Leylin ended up at a purple villa.

“My lord!” Celine and Iren respectfully...

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