Chapter 347


Memphis struggled and wanted to get up. But immediately, the spider made of dark aura on his chest let out a hiss. His face went pale, and he fell back down as large beads of sweat rolled down his face.


Baelin suddenly heard a mild, yet periodic rumble.

“It’s coming from the town! Did someone survive?” Baelin beamed with delight.

In contrast, Memphis’ face suddenly changed. “It’s the footsteps of the Underground Winter Spiders! They have caught up with us!”

A short while later, the silhouettes of five Underground Winter Spider Knights appeared before Baelin’s eyes.

“Memphis! You’re really here!”

“That’s great, we actually found you!”

“His head will definitely give us some merit!”

The knights started chuckling, talking in their language. Jenny only managed to understand a few terms, whereas Baelin had a blank face as he could not understand it at all.

Very quickly, the blank look on his face turned into one of horror.

This was because the knights were sharing the backs of the Underground Winter Spiders with groups of severed...

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